Water Utilities and Payments


NEW APP FOR WATER USE TRACKING AVAILABLE: To setup your computer or smartphone so you can track the use of your water and help you detect possible leaks, please click the following link (Only use the first 4 digits of your account number, including any leading zeroes, when setting up your account):   https://helpeyeonwater.com/



As always, bills can be paid by placing them in a sealed envelope and dropping them into the drop box at City Hall, mailing them to 229 N Chestnut Street, or paying them in person at First National Bank of Assumption by the bill due date.
Below are links to pay your water bill online, either by setting up an account (optional), or using the "Quick Pay" method where no account is needed. Payment may be made using Mastercard, Visa, or Discover.  A service fee (Minimum $1 or 3% of amount charged) will be charged for the use of a credit card which is paid directly to the card agency and not to the City. If the City were to absorb the cost of accepting credit cards, it would mean an increase in the City budget, which directly translates into higher utility bills for you. Therefore, we chose a method whereby residents who want to pay by credit card have that option but pay for the convenience themselves, instead of passing the cost on to all residents

Note: When asked for your account number, use only the first 4 digits of your account number, including any leading zeroes.

To pay your bill without setting up an account, please click the following link:                           QUICK PAY

If you already have an account, please click the following link to login and pay your bill:          EXISTING ACCOUNTS LOGIN HERE

New users can click the following link to set up your account and pay your bill:                        NEW USERS REGISTER HERE

Click the following link if you forgot your account password:                                                      FORGOT PASSWORD