Garbage Collection and Burning Ordinances

The City of Assumption contracts with an outside waste management company for solid waste collection and recycling. Everyone within the city limits are required to have garbage collection. Residential customers within the city limits may also participate in recycling collection through Waste Management.

For questions specific to trash or recycling pick up, please call Waste Management directly.


Open burning is prohibited except as provided herein.

  • Burning of yard waste shall be permitted if supervised on Tuesdays
    and Saturdays from six o'clock (6:00) A.M. to six o'clock (6:00) P.M.
  • The use of smokers and grills for food preparation is permitted.
  • Wood-burning bonfires are permitted under supervision.
  • Weiner roasts under supervision are permitted.
  • Under no circumstances shall the burning of household waste,
    garbage or refuse be permitted.
  • No other open burning will be permitted.

    Any violation of this division will subject violators to a fine of one hundred
    dollars ($100.00) for each and every violation.